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Here is Haji Manara's and Yanga's Reaction to the CAS Verdict on Simba's Bernard Morisson


CAS Postpone Bernard Morrison Verdict yet Again

Haji Manara and Yanga Sports Club have reacted as per below , following the Bernard Morrison CAS Verdict Yesterday.

Yesterday the Court of Arbitration for Sport(CAS) dismissed Yanga's appeal against a decision by the Law and Players' Status Committee that Ghana international Bernard Morrison did not have a contract with them when he joined Simba.

Yanga had challenged the TFF committee's decision issued on August 12, 2020 stating that Morrison had not signed a contract with them although it was confirmed that Yanga had given him $ 30,000 which the committee ordered the player to return to Yanga.

The committee claimed that Morrison's contract expired on July 14, 2020. So from then on he was free and Yanga's second contract was not recognized.

Yanga appealed the TFF decision and appealed to the CAS claiming the validity of the contract claiming that they had signed him a second time and Morrison had been ordered to pay $ 200,000 as a penalty for signing a contract with Simba while he was still under contract with Yanga.

Following the appeal, CAS through its statement issued today clarified that it held a video conference in July this year and after discussions it has decided to dismiss the appeal filed by Yang


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The Court of Arbitration for Sport ( CAS  has adjourned the verdict in the case of Yanga and Bernard Morrison from today September 21st to October 26th this year.

One of the lawyers representing Yanga in the case, Alex Mgongolwa, said he had received a CAS report today stating that the verdict had now been moved to October 26, 2021.

"Every time you see a judgement being moved forward then the Plaintiff ( In This Case Yanga ) has an argument and that's why you see it being moved forward , so we are waiting for that decision" - Alex Mgongolwa.

On August 27th this Year, a  letter was released from the International Court of Arbitration for Sport ( CAS ), in which they apologized to both parties for the delay in the sentencing hearing at the CAS between Yanga Sports Club and the player Bernard Morrison and issued new date for ruling of the case which was to be today's date of  September 21st 2021.

Earlier on CAS had promised that the case was set to be adjudicated on August 24th and no later than that, but postponements have been the order of the day in this case it seems.

Yanga SC filed the lawsuit at the court alleging that Morrison had breached a legal contract when he joined their arch-rivals Simba SC.
This was despite the Tanzania Mainland League champions insisting the move was legal, the Club from Jangwani refused to accept the decision and initiated proceedings against the Ghanaian.

 CAS concluded the hearing of the Yanga Club's appeal against Bernard Morrison at the end of July and the parties involved will have  now have to wait much longer until October 26 the 2021 at the earliest to find out the fate of the case and hope that, there will not be yet another postponement.

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